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Issue Fifty Eight

August 2019

In his Editorial Aged Care, Elder Abuse and Euthanasia: A Fairer, Kinder New Zealand? John Kleinsman asks whether the proposed End of Life Choice Bill is compatible with the government’s desire to work towards a “stronger, fairer, kinder New Zealand”.  His conclusion: in our present world, defined as it is by ageism, ableism and elder abuse, it fails the ‘fairer, kinder test’.  

On the 8th August, a new Abortion Legislation Bill passed its first reading in Parliament and was referred to a specially constituted Select Committee.  The legislative process now includes an opportunity for the public of New Zealand to give feedback on the proposed new abortion regime by 19th September.  In our second article, New Zealand Abortion Law to be “modernised so it is treated as a health issue”, the Nathaniel Centre offers material to stimulate compassionate thought and dialogue about abortion.   

In our third piece, Greta Thunberg Will Save the World: A Response to Damien Grant, Emrys Jansen discusses the climate crisis. There is an urgent need to challenge the status quo that silences too many voices, including the voices of children and young adults. We need to understand “preventing our fast-approaching environmental doom is an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ situation”.

The fourth article, Living with Dystopia, by Cristy Clark, discusses the rise of eco-anxiety and eco-paralysis in the face of the climate and mass extinction crisis. Her concern is how we can maintain “real hope”: a hope grounded in critical thinking that acknowledges the current state of affairs while still inspiring us to work courageously towards the changes required.

Finally, in Going to Pot?  The Social Setting and Implications of Cannabis Law Reform, Lynne Bowyer and Deborah Stevens offer their second article related to the proposed cannabis law reform. Rather than framing cannabis use as either a justice or health issue, the writers offer the view that cannabis needs to be framed as a socia issue that has broad and deep implications for communities.



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