Assisted Human Reproduction: The New Zealand Situation

Nathaniel Centre Staff
Issue 1, August 2000

Assisted human reproductive technology refers to medical activities, which assist people to conceive and have children. It includes methods currently in use, such as in vitro fertilisation and surrogacy, together with methods which may be possible in the future, such as cloning.


The Moral Status of the Embryo

Anne Dickinson, John Kleinsman, Michael McCabe
Issue 5, November 2001

Across the world the application of new technology at the beginning of life is giving rise to profound ethical questions. How individuals and nations respond to these questions depends primarily upon how they view the moral status of the human embryo.


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Disability and a Catholic Ethic of Caring

John Kleinsman
Issue 9, April 2003

"I no longer believe that we can get by in a caring society, which is the sort I'd prefer, by behaving as if we're accountable only to ourselves."

--Rosemary McLeod, (Dominion Post, Thursday 3 April 2003)

This article highlights some of the broader societal implications associated with the routine use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – a form of genetic testing – for the express intention of promoting the birth of healthy children.


Editorial: Anniversaries

 Michael McCabe
Issue 11, November 2003

"If charmed by their beauty...let them know how much the Lord of these excels them, since the very Author of beauty has created them. And if they have been impressed by their power and energy, let them deduce from these how much mightier is God who has formed them, since through the grandeur and beauty of the creatures we may, by analogy, contemplate their Author."

--The Book of Wisdom 13: 3-5

The very language we use when talking about celebrating anniversaries provides us with the best clue as to their precise nature. We talk about "remembering" or "recollecting" significant past events. The etymology of these words reminds us that there is much more at stake than simple nostalgia or the desire to recall either joyful or painful emotions. To "re-member" is to put back together. To "re-collect" is to bring together all the parts, to reform and recreate the whole. That is why each year, on a birthday, or wedding anniversary, for example, we take the time to remember both the enthusiastic beginning of a journey as well as the moments of insight that give meaning to any joy, sacrifice, or sorrow along the way.